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Here’s what some of our Vancouver, WA customers are saying about us:

I took my 2000 Dodge Dakota into Bill's to have the transmission analyzed and requested an estimate to repair. Although I have decided not to put the money into this vehicle to repair it, Bill refused any payment for the time he put in to analyze the problem. His comment was, "We charge customers to repair vehicles, not to tell them what's wrong with them". I thank Bill for his courteous, prompt and professional analysis and I will absolutely use his shop for any vehicle drive train issues I might have in the future..

Gary Rinta Bill's Tech-Trans Customer Review

Had a great experience. He diagnosed the problem and let me keep the truck at the shop for a couple days until I got my banking situated. Then got the tranny rebuilt in 2 days. Good customer service, Bill explained everything that was going on without talking down to me. Showed me the damaged parts and explained how they got that way when I went to pay. The rebuild job came with a 3 year warranty. One less major thing to worry about!

Philip Hayes Google Review

Provided advice on recent repairs done elsewhere. His estimate was prepared quickly and thoroughly. His repairs were finished quickly and he was great to deal with. Definitely a stand-up guy!

Tom Swanton Google Review

5 Stars!

Ethan Deans Google Review

I would Never go Anywhere else. None of the BS you normally find at mechanics. They did the rebuild on my trans and many years later did repairs. Fair, honest, great work.

Holly Pierce Google Review

Great work, fast, trusting, and friendly. Defiantly would recommend.

Sander Sutherland Google Review

Great guy! Friendly, knowledgeable, no scams quick and reliable!

Joanne Hunt Google Review

By far the best transmission shop I have ever used, I refer everyone to see Bill.

James Nygren Google Review

This is the only shop that we go to for our Transmission needs. We have always experienced good service, quality work and fair pricing.

Brenda Harmon Google Review

Always treated fairly. Work always good

Bart Phillips Google Review

I would not hesitate to recommend Bill and his crew to anyone. Very professional and friendly, and gave explanations simple enough for a non-car person like me to understand.

Breanna Treis Google Review

Very knowledgeable very accurate and willing to help you even after they're done working

Cody Licking Google Review

Bill's is really nice, professional and knowledgeable to deal with. And he seems as honest as the day is long. He got a new transmission installed in less time than he promised. The car runs great and I am very happy I went to Bill. And I am already recommending Bill to my friends. He's awesome. Thanks, Bill.

Patrick Cullumber Bill's Tech-Trans Customer Review

I have had two transmissions rebuilt (two different vehicles!) in the last 6 months or so...I've been very impressed with the high level of service and quality of repairs; most importantly, I felt that Bill cared about my vehicles and provided multiple options for me. I would not hesitate to recommend this shop to anyone. Totally happy with all aspects of the services that I've used!

Brian Cole Google Review

When we broke down on the road late in the day and no other mechanic would see us these guys had us up and running in no time flat. Quality install and speedy service, 5/5 would call them again.

EasternSkyCorps Google Review

These people are great! They review everything with you, they care about your problems, and do everything possible to fix your transmission within your price range. They give excellent service. I send my whole family here. They saved me thousands of dollars by being honest. Not like the Toyota dealership. Highly recommended!

Dana Pucci Google Review

verrrrry good shop. thorough & kind professionals. they'll show you and explain worn-out parts that they replaced & they'll call you to discuss options when other things they notice could be or become an issue. they warranty ... the whole deal - what else could ya ask for??

Steve L. Google Review

Bill is AMAZING!!! Honest, quick, and inexpensive. He told us the clutch would take half a day, the clutch was installed in half a day. He quoted me the best price in town, we paid the best price in town. I cant thank this guy enough. I had the best service anyone could ask for, especially this being the first time I've taken any vehicle to a repair shop. Cheers Bill

Ashley K. Yelp Review

Top notch keep the price in range got the job done quick great will go back to them for sure

Greg P. Yelp Review

Bill and Kelly are great! My Jeep did some funky transmission stuff one day and they were quick to get me in. Honest work, done by very nice and educating people. Another perk- pricing that I was comfortable paying. They did diagnostics and dropped the pan for a full inspection for around $100. I was able to leave my Jeep with them before work and she was ready for me when I was off. I'm happy with that and happy that I have some peace of mind about what went wrong and what they did to fix it. I'd recommend them to anybody!

Ricki C. Yelp Review

We had an emergency flat tire on the freeway. Pulled off and onto the street of this shop. The guy was cool enough to open his already closed shop and help us. He was very kind and helpful after, I'm sure a long work day. He didn't have to help us. But it shows a lot of integrity and customer service that he did.

A W. Yelp Review

I have been taking my 2001 Dodge diesel truck to bill for everything under the hoodover the past 10 years. I highly recommend Bill for his professional service and knowledge of diesel truck repair.

Bart P. Yelp Review

If you are looking for reasonably priced, top-notch transmission repair in Vancouver, WA - this is it! I cannot recommend Bill's Tech Trans enough! Having to deal with an unexpected transmission failure was frustrating! But, what was even more frustrating is dealing with some repair shops that act like vultures and try to milk the situation. I was fortunate enough to find out about Bill's Tech Trans from the tow truck driver who brought our car home from another repair shop. Bill was very easy to work with from the get go. He looked at our car and told us what NEEDED to be fixed to get us back on the road. His price about was $800 less than what the other shops had quoted us. Since we got our car back, it drives smoother than it ever did! As I said at the beginning, I cannot recommend these guys enough! Should you ever be in the unfortunate situation of needing your car's transmission repaired, Bill's Tech Trans is the place to go. They will make the process less frustrating and they are very, very good at what they do!

Tapiwa C. Yelp Review

Went to this tranny shop because I ran into a guy at the grocery store who used to work with Bill when they were younger. They both have dodge diesels so I felt better taking mine to Bill. It's time for me to go back for an oil change and I appreciated his honesty that a real transmission oil change should have the pan dropped. Also my first trip to him revealed electrical and mechanical problems which cost more than the oil change but restored first gear in our automatic. The service date was about 2 years ago.

Bruce W. Yelp Review

I have had two transmissions rebuilt (two different vehicles!) in the last 6 months or so...I've been very impressed with the high level of service and quality of repairs; most importantly, I felt that Bill cared about my vehicles and provided multiple options for me. I would not hesitate to recommend this shop to anyone!

Julie C. Yelp Review

Quite possibly the best kept secret in Vancouver for transmission repair!

I don't normally take vehicles to repair shops, so even trusting a repair facility is hard for me. I had an issue with my Ram 1500 slipping gears and didn't have time to mess with it myself so was forced to find a place to take it. I called around and spoke to several people, explaining my situation and asking for the "worst case" cost of a complete rebuild.

Bill stood out from the crowd as not only was he willing to hear what I was saying and offer his advice, but he was able to tell me the "worst case" cost I asked for, and went into some technical explaination of what he's seen before and what he though it probably was. This is all without having yet even seen it!

Suffice it to say, my search ended there and I took my truck straight to Bill. He was able look at my truck the following day, do a road test and use computer data to backup his thoughs, and produce a much less costly repair quote based on his findings. Acouple days later the repairs were complete, he called me back just as had been promised for me to come get it. When I got there he explained what he ultimately found, showed me the parts he replaced and explained some of the other things he checked while in there "just to be sure".

I don't trust most repair shops, but Bills Tech-trans is one I do for sure. I'll be sure to visit Bill again with my future needs. Not only does Bill know what he's doing, he's a great honest guy that treats his customers right.

Joe F. Yelp Review

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